30 Days of Blogging - Day 30: LAST FREAKING DAY!!

I'm so happy this is the last day!!

It's been a blast, and literally changed my perspective on many things, but I'm hella happy to have reached the last day.

In honor of the last day, this is going to be totally random.

Here, have a collection of little things that didn't manage to make it into the previous 29 days or have just come to my mind now.

1) A Pet Peeve
Drivers who ride on the bumper of the person in front of them to get them to go faster. I want you out of my general driving sphere. It's dangerous, it's distracting for the person in front, and I really can't help but think that you just haven't thought this through. If you are riding close to the bumper in front of you, and that person is focusing more on their rearview mirror than the road in front if then, what happens if something in front of that car forces them to brake surprisingly. They won't see it coming right away (because of you), they slam on their brakes, you are waaay too close to even process that they have braked let alone stop with them. You hit them, they hit someone else, the people behind you hit both of you, and there is a huge accident. BECAUSE OF YOU. Now tell me, were those 5 extra km/h worth it? If you say yes, I want you to hurry up and get so far ahead of me that I won't be involved in your pile up, please and thank you.

2) A Snapchat Story by John Green

3) I Love Tumblr
This is just a fact. Moving on...

4) Twitterpated
;) Is something I might be at present... Twitterpation has a lot more nervousness associated with it than I ever imagined; it's uncomfortable in the happiest way possible and I haven't decided if I'm okay with that or not yet.
I feel like this, but reversed.

I want to have a fifth thing, but I'm suddenly drawing a blank on everything...

Oh well! Naught to be done about it.

This is where I leave you.  Have a splendid day! I'm first going to sleep, but after that I plan to have a splendiphorous day myself :D

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