Too Many Things.

I decided that I should blog today so as not to fall out of habit... but I kinda have nothing to say.

That's not really true, I suppose.  The more realistic statement is that I have too many things to say and I'm not sure of how to chose just one, let alone focus on it well enough to be eloquent and/or make sense in general.  This is my brain, welcome.


(I'm attempting to chose.  You can't tell, but it's taking a lot of face-scrunching.)

Okay, I've got it.  I'm going to talk about my amazement at the friends that God brings into my life.

I had the pleasure of spending several hours yesterday with a new, but quickly becoming good, friend.  I went over to hang out on Sunday evening and immediately noticed that her son (who's 3) had a big band-aid on his forehead.  When I asked about it, she explained that while playing hide-and-seek she'd managed to convince him to cover his eyes so that he could not see, then decided that he should stand in the corner so there was even less of a chance of him seeing anything.  So, with eyes firmly covered, her little boy walked in the direction he thought was the corner... and ran head first into the wall.

One of those situations where you want to laugh, but you know you probably shouldn't...

Anyways, one of the first things she says to me is, "You can hang out with me for six hours if you want."  Then noting my confused expression, she explained, "I'm going to have to wake him up every half hour for the next six hours." (She didn't say "because he could have a concussion," but I figured it out pretty quickly.)  I don't think she meant for me to take her up on it, but in the end I was there for six and a half hours, so there you go.  She was working on a puzzle, and I love puzzles, so it was only natural that I stay until it was done (minus 8 missing pieces).

Tada!  (By the way, non-square puzzles are more complicated, but also more satisfying. Not to mention cooler looking!)

But the puzzle isn't what I want to talk about.  God has brought us together from completely different walks of life.  She's a new Christian, I grew up in it.  She lived the party life, I... lived the nerd life? (Books, puzzles, and walks are "fun", I'm not sure what else to call it!)  Even though she is 2 years younger than I am, she has a 3 year old, has been married for 3 years, and is going through a sorta-separation.  I have never even had a serious relationship.

And even with (or possibly, because of) all of these differences we were able to chat and goof off for six and a half hours together!  We both felt completely comfortable and were both openly sharing about things that are usually uncomfortable.  I can see God in it everywhere!  This was our first of, hopefully, many hangouts to come.  I look forward to what God will teach me, and how He might use me, through this friendship.

Farewell, my stalkers!  Until next time.