30 Days of Blogging - Day 29: AFOMFT, Youtube Channels

You know that feeling when something becomes such a part of your life that you kind of forget there was ever a time that it wasn't there?


Then you also probably know the feeling when you meet someone who has no idea that thing exists and suddenly it's like your brain stalls for a moment and the only logical explanation you can think of is that they must be from an alternate universe or something!


I had that feeling today.  Re: Youtube

Not the whole site, obviously -- they would have to be living under a stinking rock! No, just some channels that are so integral to MY YouTube experience that it boggles my mind that there are people who watch youtube, but don't know these channels exist.

I will outline them for you now. If you get into any, let me know, we can nerd out together.

Nerdy banter between brothers John and Hank Green. You may have heard of John; he wrote a book you may have heard of... The Fault in Our Stars! And Hank is my favorite nerd of all time. Hence...

Hank Green channels
He has many many channels. Right now, I will insta watch anything from his personal channel hankgreen or his gaming channel Games With Hank or sometimes if he posts anything on hankgames which has been taken over by John playing FIFA which I don't watch. I watch most of the things that appear on SciShow and I'm subscribed to Crashcourse, but I rarely watch them. Hank Green music is nerdily enjoyable for me, but those are usually on Vlogbrothers. His Snapchat is my favorite thing.

Friends of Hank Green
Their little community of friends has a lot of vloggers in it. Michael Aranda whatimdoingrightnow and whatimpwningrightnow, Katelyn Salem, Clair Grosvenor, Matthew Gaydos (also makes the DFTBA Warehouse videos), Jesse from Animal Wonders, to name a few. Good stuff over there in Missoula. I enjoy vloggers, in case you aren't catching on.

We the Kings band members
Not all of them actually, but I like Danny and Lindsay's daily vlogs, and occationally Charles Trippy's.

There are another handful of channels I will instantly watch, but those it doesn't surprise me when nobody knows about them. Really, I'm only surprised how anyone can watch YouTube and not now about John and Hank Green. It's a big site, I get that, but like I said, it has just become so commonplace to me now that I can't even fathom the world that doesn't include them.

Everyone has different things that suck all their time away. YouTube is mine :P

Have a wonderful day, Lovelies. Tomorrow is the last freaking day; I'm so excited!!


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