30 Days of Blogging - Day 28: Dear Me

There are only two days left! Wow.

I have successfully written 27 blog posts in the last 27 days and yet, here on day 28, I have no idea what to write about for the next 3...

I always knew this day would come... I just thought it would come sooner and that I would fail at this challenge. This is unexpected.

I just have to think...

Aha! Got it! Yeah, I got this :)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dear Me of April 7th,

Hi there! It's you! Well, it's me... but I guess technically it's... us?

That's weird, let's just move on...


I am writing to you from Day 28 of this challenge that you (probably) just wrote the first day of.

Can we talk about that?

(You can't answer because you don't even know I'm writing this so I'm just going to keep going as if you've said yes.)

Good idea, by the way.

Even though it really wasn't your idea per se, since you mostly started because Youtubers were getting into Vlog Every Day in April and you just felt left out and decided to do your own thing, but it was still a good idea.

But it's not going to go anything like you expect. Some of that is good; some of it will bum you out, but even those are good. It's all (mostly) good.

Allow me to debunk all the things you're expecting, since I apparently have a better perspective now.

You're thinking, "I will probably fail."

Wrong! I mean, I realize that is still a possibility, but I know what you're actually thinking, and what you're actually thinking is that you won't even get close to 30, but tada! Here we are! Day 28 baby!

You're thinking, "I will run out of ideas."

Well, yeah... that actually happens... BUT you still manage to write a post on something new every day. On the days when you don't have any idea what to write (cough every day cough cough) the idea will come to you randomly that day, or you'll use google (careful with that one, not all those ideas are the smartest), or you will blog about practically nothing, but it won't be nothing -- it will be something because you typed it and you hit post! Good job, sweetie!

You're thinking, "I will get the blog in before midnight every day!"

Hahahahahahaha allow me to remind you that you're strong suit has never been promptness. You will procrastinate and leave it til you're in bed every day, which most days is before midnight, but I have one word for you... Youth.  But it's okay, you will drop your need for perfection, and the blog will, at the very least, get done before you fall asleep. Huzzah.

You're thinking, "Maybe people will actually read my blog if they know I'm posting daily!"

Nah, that doesn't happen, and you're actually going to learn this fairly soon. Sorry darling, I know this is initially a let down, but I have good news for you anyway (once you're ready to look on the bright side). You will remember that you don't care; you weren't even going to make your blog public at the beginning! This blog and this challenge are first for you and then for whoever cares to read it. And if no one reads it, it does not mean that no one cares.  On the very bright side, there are some posts that you will be happy get buried in the middle for only a VERY diligent reader to find. It's better that way, I promise :)

And I have for you, some things that you haven't even thought of.

You will share about real things, and God things, and weird things, and nerdy things, and some things you love, and some things you don't, and some things that will embarrass you, and some things you wish that the right person would read, and SOMEHOW it all works together!

This will be more of a challenge than you ever thought and you will feel satisfied, and special, and ignored, and confused, and vulnerable, and weird, and happy, and tired, and proud, and like it was all worth it.

You will never want to do this again, but I suspect there will come a day when you forget that... Sorry future us.

You will have things on your blog ideas list from the beginning that you never write, even when you're out of ideas. And even though they are goodish ideas, they are either waaay too much work or not "real" enough when you are in the middle and tired of acting like this is easy.

It will be hard. At times.

But most of all, it will be yours, and you will have accomplished something that you set out to do. Did you hear that? You will finish this! You understand what this means, I don't need to outline it for the world to read, but girl you'd better be happycrying right now and returning my impossible high five or I will be very displeased.

I'm so proud of you.

Love, You from May 4th.

P.S. Yes, you did remembered to wish your big brother a happy birthday :)


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