30 Days of Blogging - Day 25: AFOMFT, Traffic

I'm so tired! My phone died at youth and it only now has revived. About time! It's not like it 2am or anything!! Except it is... I'm so tired.

This one will be a quick one.

I think traffic is beautiful.

I mean, with the exception of the times when it's really quite ugly, which surprisingly is remarkably rare when you think about it.

I just find it mesmerizing, even while in the midst of it, to picture the aerial view.

Pretty metal boxes hurtling at great speeds in a dance that's so complex in it's simplicity.

Vehicles move like I picture water molecules do. The flow of the traffic as each individual unit moves in and among the flow of the others; towards the same goal, but following a unique yet nearly identical path to get there.

I don't know... It's a lovely thing to me.

You know what else is lovely? Sleep.

This countdown will continue later today.


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