30 Days of Blogging - Day 24: Erg. Also, Imaginary Friends.

I'm not feeling well, yet again! Why??

I am unhappy about this and feel gross and don't really want to do anything let alone figure out what to say today and generally all I feel is erg!

But I've kept this up for 23 days and I'm really not wanting to get so close to the end of this then fail.

So today is day 24 which means that this is the 7th to last post and we are still in the final countdown whether my head hurts or not!



Think think think...

...I may have to turn Google again.


Ooo! Okay, let's talk about imaginary friends!

I like this! Yes, here we go.

My only really solid memories of having imaginary friends when I was younger go as follows:
(I'm sure there were more, and my mom could probably tell you, but I don't really remember those, I only remember these.)

There were three of them.
I don't remember their names or their genders or their personalities.
But I do remember... that I only talked with them while I was sitting on the toilet.

We had a bathroom that was set up so that the toilet faced the bathtub, and my memory is that the three of them sat on the edge of the bathtub in front of me.

Somehow, it didnt cross my mind that that was maybe kind of inappropriate at all.

What can I say? Some people read magazines, I talked to imaginary people. And let me tell you, I feel like I spent an unusual amount of time doing so!

And I still (kinda) do...

That imaginary conversations in the bathroom thing is still a part of my life...

Only now, I'm in the shower, and the people are real people (even if my imaginings of them may not be) (AND SUDDENLY THIS IS REALLY WEIRD), and I imagine (and kind of do my part out loud) future scenarios that may or may not happen and how those conversations may or may not go.


No, the scenarios in my head don't involve a shower. To be clear: totally inane scenarios/conversations, I promise... Get your head out of the gutter; no, YOU get YOUR head out of the gutter!


It's like day-dreaming, kinda.  It just happens to be a thing that I do while I shower.


Perhaps this was a post more wisely written while not sickbrained...

TOO LATE NOW! And I'm waaay to tired to write another post!

Well... This isn't embarrassing AT ALL!


...I'm gonna go now.


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