30 Days of Blogging - Day 23: Bucket List


Oh yeah... 8! DUHNAHNAHNUH!

Let's talk bucket list.

On my list live the following things:
(As always, not a complete list. Also, not required for happiness, just thing that if I have the opportunity to do, I will do.)

1) Travel to (almost) every continent.
I don't really include Antarctica, but the others, yeah, I'd mostly like to see those.

2) Musical Theater.
I was in the chorus of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat at 10, but I'd really like the opportunity to do something musical related again someday.

3) Build a Treehouse.
This one's pretty straight forward, I guess.  It is pretty straight forward, right? Anyone confused?

4) Get married.

5) Go to VidCon.
Google it. I want to go someday. It's nerdy, I'm nerdy... The end.

I always run out of steam on these lists after five things!  It's bedtime, folks.  If you wanna leave a comment telling me things on your bucket list that would be pretty cool. Always looking for new ideas ;)


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