30 Days of Blogging - Day 15: Spoilers


Whoop whoop!!

Can we talk about spoilers? Thanks.

Please, let's all (yes, including me) expand our understanding of what a spoiler is.

Just because you don't actually say anything about the plot does not mean that what you are saying is not a spoiler.

Don't say it made you cry, or that you didn't see the twist coming, or that the ending left you frustrated, or that it was the BEST movie/TV show/book EVER!

In fact, if you know that the person you are talking to is planning to watch/read whatever you are talking about, just don't say anything. Don't. Say. Anything. Don't even let your emotions show, just avoid the whole subject.

Whatever spoilery thing you say or do (even accidentally) will make that person go in with expectations that they wouldn't have had if you had just done nothing.

Have some patience; wait until they've had the chance to experience it as you did.

Please and thank you?

After -- if it's me anyways -- we can totally nerd out on our shared unspoiled experience.

This has been my public service announcement, tomorrow we will return to our normally scheduled silliness, I promise :D


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