Sorry I'm Late, Rick Riordan

Dear Rick Riordan,

(I sincerely hope you never read this)

I'm sorry that I'm late.

The thing is... Your timing sucks.

Your books became popular just as I stepped out of the age group they were geared towards.  You know how it is, 15 year olds are desperate to separate themselves from the so immature 13/14 year olds and be accepted into the ranks of maturity-abounds 16/17 year olds.  Harry Potter was the "cool" book series (and I loved it, duh) and Percy Jackson was "childish".

But I'm older now, and the critics be darned, I'm reading your books!

I'm 9 years late, but I hope you'll forgive me :)

Now I rant.

What the crap movie makers??  In my ignorance, I liked the movies!  In my naivety, I thought the book lovers were blowing things way out of proportion! "Movies made from books always disappoint," I said. "It can't really be that bad," I said.

BUT IT IS THAT BAD!!  Oh, the injustice that such a talented author has drawn such a short straw that it can hardly be called a straw!  The movies are great, but they are so loosely based on your books they shouldn't even share their name!!!  I honestly really enjoyed the movies, but now that I've read The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters, I feel torn in my loyalties.  It's like loving two people with the same name... They are completely separate individuals and you love them for that, but you constantly have to differentiate between them when you talk about them (brother Steve, other Steve) and everybody ends up confused.

Sigh... This is where I stop ranting.

To sum up:  Your books are awesome, I look forward to reading the rest (and conveniently catching up right as the finale to Heroes happens, that worked out nicely).  The movies based on your books are also awesome, though horrible adaptations of your stories.  And I'm sorry I'm so late to your party.

Best wishes :)


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