Random Things: Episode 2

It's been a while since I've posted so I decided to do another "Random Things" post in order to tell you about all of the things that have been on my mind lately.  You can find the first installment of "Random Things" here, if you are the curious type.

Here we go! In no particular order...
Edited to add: And in the lengthiest of lengths!  Sorry... maybe I should have tackled these in separate posts... too late now!!

Thing the First: No-Poo (is a horrible name for this)
No, I'm not constipated, but thanks for the concern.  No-Poo is basically not using commercial shampoo, hence "No-Poo".  However, I think that is a terrible name and if I use it (which is rarely) I always follow it with "is a horrible name for this".  Not to be confused with not washing my hair (which I still do), this is simply not using the shampoos available on everyshelf, everywhere.  Those shampoos pretty much across the board have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) as the second ingredient (water is the first).  Now I'm not one of those people who is typically concerned with the "chemicals" I'm putting on my body (because EVERYTHING IS CHEMICALS), but when researching my loss of natural curl, greasy everyday, frizzy, and itchy scalp issues, I came across this alternative which claims that SLS is the cause of my problems.  I think it's pretty hilarious that the most common No-Poo (is a horrible name for this) method is baking soda (as shampoo) and apple cider vinegar (as conditioner)... which is SUPER harsh on the hair of like half the people who try it!  My method currently is a shampoo from the health food store, and once that runs out I'll be trying J.R. Liggett's Shampoo Bars because they seem totally awesome :)

Thing the Second: Camping
It's finally summer!!  I really want to go camping!!!! ... The End.

Thing the Third: School
I'm going to be applying for Graphic Communications & Print Technology.  AAAAAAHHHHHH (is the sound my anxiety makes).  I'll keep you posted on that journey.

Thing the Fourth: Communication Fail
I read (actually listen to, because audiobooks are conveniently hands-free) a lot of Young Adult Fiction.  I generally find them to be more engaging, entertaining, and diverse (also, less pornographic and/or wild west) than Adult Fiction, so they are my go-to.  But right now, I'm listening to a series that is basically "The Bachelor" for determining the wife of a Prince in a dystopian America-esque place.  [For the record, this is a bad way to prepare for marriage.]  The characters are young and for the most part have not had very much relationship experience -- which isn't in itself bad... after all, neither have I -- but OHMYGOSH their communication with each other is horrible!!!  I just listened to a whole conversation (probably the fourth of this type in this book alone) between two lovebirds where neither of them is willing to be the first to admit that they love the other, both are no-at-all-subtly trying to steer the conversation so the other would say it, and the scene ended WITH NEITHER SAYING "I LOVE YOU" (or even "I really like you", or "I can't imagine life without you", or some other way around saying any kind of commitment to how they were feeling)!!!!!!  No, no, no.  Bad, bad, bad.  Based my years of collecting do's and don'ts of communication (of which I am still not an expert): If you can't even communicate the nice things in a relationship, how do you expect to be able to constructively communicate the negative.  Say what you feel, and say it as eloquently as you can; if the other person has to read between the lines, you have not communicated effectively.  </Rant>

Thing the Fifth: Packaging
I recently saw this new packaging of Tic-Tacs...

Which at first glance makes the average person go, "Holy Stink!! That huge container must hold so many Tic-Tacs!!! It says 200 and that this is limited edition!!! And isn't so cool how they made this little window so you can see all the lovely uniform pieces?!?"

But it makes me go, "Holy Stink!! Those product designers are geniuses!!! They have perfectly created a product that looks super tempting to the consumer!! Isn't it so brilliant how they made this huge container and this little window to manipulate the average person?!?"

Don't be fooled average person.  That container is only half filled with Tic-Tacs.  I'm tempted to say "Packaging: Win", but it makes me sad that people are so easily manipulated in our society.  And that members of that same society actively work to deceive people, and go even so far as to wrap it up in a pretty package.

Thing the Sixth: The Endeavor
So yeah... about that Endeavor that only happened for two days... oops.  It was a cool thought (possibly overshare-y?) and I may or may not bring it or something similar back.  I'm still in need of something to help keep me accountable to myself... we shall see!

Thing the Seventh: The Purse
I finished the purse!  Quite a while ago actually...
I did take pictures!  I'll make a post of it soon, I promise.
(Part 1 and Part 2 if you need to catch up)
On a related note:  I have a lot of crafty projects on the go and will probably post about those as well...

Thing the Eighth: TV Show Finales
Why are all the shows I've been watching lately ending at the same time?!?! No, no, no.  Bad, bad, bad.

Thing the Ninth: Feelings Chart (where have you been all my life?)
Found this on the internets... Wish I could physically refer to it in every conversation about "feelings" without that being weird....

Thing the Tenth: Hyperlinks
... Is it obvious that I just learned how to properly use hyperlinks?  I'm sorry that I'm a little obsessed, I promise to try to be less hyperlinky in the future.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Thing the Eleventh: Teal In My Hair (must be read in the tone of Finding Nemo's "Fish in my hair!!!")  Just highlights, but boy am I stoked!!! I'm sure there will be pictures on Facebook :)

Toodles, my lovelies!

I may have to make a legitimate gold star for anyone who actually reads all these page-and-a-half posts.  If this be you, comment and I will at the very least give you a virtual high five, and quite possibly work on a way to actually give you something (possibly handmade)... ;)

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