Good Morning (Read: I really hate waking up)

Ugh, my phone screen is so bright...

Anyways, here I am.

My goal is to use this to be honest about how the previous day/night went and to communicate my plans for the day.

I slept in and didn't get to the morning job til 10:45.  Second job was better because we had a lunch staff meeting so I didn't have to be think about when I was starting work (normally I'm tempted to let my lunch go long).  Evening was filled with a board meeting, but I did take the time to write yesterday's post which, I gotta say, what very liberating!  Praising God for working this change in my heart!

Last night I started a plan on going through 1st, 2st + 3rd John.  I'm feeling like I'll really enjoy this plan!  The text for the intro, however, last night was to read all three books! Of course on the night that I want to wake up earlier and have already stayed up to late, I have to read 7 chapters!  I did listen to them, but I didn't take the time to journal about them which will mainly be what I will talk about in this section.  I do love how much John uses the light-and-dark analogy and his very no-nosense approach to sin in our lives.  I think this will be positive especially as I begin this endeavor.

2:00am - 7:55am
Go to bed earlier tonight, Emmi, so that you can actually wake up for 7:30 as planned.  Tomorrow, you are not allowed to snooze your alarm!

I'm going to get ready without dilly-dallying so that I can get to Job 1 for 9:30. Get in 2 full hours there.  On my lunch I am going to look into something at the health food store that I have been putting off.  Also, find out how to contact the school I'm looking to apply to for September to ask if there is a way around upgrading (for the low low price of $950!).  I'm also going to bring my craft so that I intentionally enjoy my break.  I will start Job 2 at 1:00 as scheduled and get in 4 full hours.  (My goal is to eventually add an hour back to Job 2, and possibly longer at Job 1 depending on if there is work or not.)  In the evening I walk dogs so that will take up most of my evening.  My goal tonight is to plan out the rest of the week a little bit more intentionally.  And to come up with a good name for this endeavor since it's gonna be a daily thing!

Father, thank You for taking me on this heart journey!  I'm so grateful that in Your Will I can be free!  I pray for Your protection on my mind today against laziness, and Your strength as I endeavor to better manage the time you have given me.  Your Will be done!  In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.


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