My Sister is [Unsurprisingly] a Great Mom!


We're talking about the sister to whom I gave every doll or barbie I ever received because I knew she would play with them more than I would.  [Give me stuffed animals, K'nex, and Rubik's cubes any day!]

Funny story about that actually!  One Christmas my sister, who would have been preteenish at the time, wanted to get this one certain doll.  Unfortunately, she knew that the way you ordered this type of doll, it was random which one you received.  So she schemed up a plan to convince me, probably 6ish, that I wanted to ask for the same type of doll.  She thought that as soon as I got it, as per usual, I would give it to her et voila!, double her chances of getting the doll she wanted!  It was a good plan, but she worked a little to hard at convincing me I wanted this doll, and that was the only doll I ever kept EVER.  I think it was the one she wanted too!

Funny story aside though, that's just the start of all of the things that should have been CLUES to me along the way...

She got into babysitting as soon as people would let her, she was always a natural with kids, and she was and still is a really great big sister!  I knew her plans all along were to have kids, and to me that was such a no brainer that I didn't even give it much thought!

But, you know, sometimes things just hit you!  All at once, you realize something you have known all along.  And yesterday, hanging out with my sister and my most recent nephew, I realized, "MY SISTER IS A BRILLIANT MOM!!!"

I know what you're thinking, "But Emmi, you're totally biased!"  And you'd be right, but that doesn't make me wrong!

I've seen my sister handle her child with a beautiful grace, a comforting calm, and what can only be described as a perfect mom-ness.  She is really good at this, you guys!

On top of that, up til now I probably would have classified Lisa as a worrier, but I have never seen her so worry free!  Which is surprising in itself, because one would expect a first time mom to be nothing but a worrier!  But her whole journey through pregnancy and motherhood has been a beautiful display of the Peace that can conquer fears and doubts.

I couldn't be prouder of her <3.

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