Some Thought Put Into It.

I've been having a disappointing week.  Disappointed in myself.

But today, God has been reminding me that he has put A LOT of thought into the SIMPLEST things around me.  Hence, my study of wheat.  Yes... wheat.

(ETA:  Oh my goodness, so turns out that is actually BARLEY!!! ...So yes, my knowledge of crops is poor; my amazement in the fact that God created that [period] has not been diminished.  Now I will know the difference between wheat and barley.)

So I just wanted to make a post about this.  Because if He's put so much thought into WHEAT BARLEY, how can I possibly believe that I am on my own in fixing my problems.  He has put way too much thought into my life to just abandon me now.

// Luke 1:45 // Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her. //
// Luke 1:37 // For no word from God will ever fail. //

I also attempted to capture this picture of a storm in front of the sunset, but of course it doesn't really do it justice.  Still a pretty picture though.


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