My Puppy is Cute

When my puppy* has had a stressful day** she is only comforted by four things.

*Not so 'puppy' anymore, I guess, since she's two. It's basically like how my dad still introduces me as his 'baby' even though I'm twenty-two.

**Which today, means it was windy (I'm convinced that my dogs are both part chicken).

1) The washing machine.

2) Standing between somebody's legs and moving with them every time they move (even on the stairs).***

***It should be noted that this is REALLY annoying because she is a BIG dog.

3) The piano. (I've gotten significantly better with all of the practice!)

4) Getting tucked in under a blanket!  This one is the trickiest because first you have to get her to be STILL.

Today, I was trying to clean my room and she was insisting on number 2, which just wasn't helping.  I managed to convince her to go up on the bed, covered her in a blanket and tucked it around her.  Within minutes she was sleeping soundly.

So adorably defective, my puppy is.

Just thought I'd share :)

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