Sewing, Day 1

The first day of sewing the purse went thusly...

Step one:  Set up work space.
  -- I realized as I was putting this up that it looks like I set up my water bottle for the best angle, but I promise, it was all an accident :)

Step two:  Iron all the light grey pieces. 

Step three:  Start sewing the strap.
  -- The strap is always my least favorite part so I figured I get it out of the way first. 

Step four:   Spend an hour fighting with the sewing machine.
  -- The tension was off, then it kept un-threading itself (which makes it get all knotted in the bobbin case, so you have to cut the work out of the tangle of threads, then open up everything to get all of the little pieces of knotted thread out, then re-thread the machine, then cross your fingers and try again.)
  -- Finally, I got two diagonal lines sewn and felt like I'd conquered the beast!

Step five:  Almost finish strap, and run out of bobbin thread.
  -- Convenient since I had to go to work anyway.

Step six:  Come back after work, supper, and Youth to finish strap.  Add the buckles.
  -- Again with the water bottle!  This time was also unintentional, for the record.

Step seven:  Take a break from the strap of nightmares to quilt two pieces together for the bottom of the purse.
  -- This took SOOOO much longer than I thought it would!  I was going to do the same with the sides,but quickly nixed that idea as soon as I'd finished the bottom.  It may be structural, but it was exhausting!

Step eight:  Sew the strap to the side.
  -- I only did one...  I'll do the other side next time. 

The end of day one.

Goodnight, lovelies...

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