Over-Committed and Stalkers

I tend to over-commit myself.

Because I CAN do many things, I agree to do ALL of them.  

For example: Tomorrow (Sunday) I am scheduled for both running PowerPoint AND leading worship.  I am good with computers and passable with my guitar and so I've agreed to both of these things without really processing that at times, they will conflict with each other.

This particular example is fairly easy for me to fix, but that is not always the case.  More often than not, I try to cram all of the things in, and in doing so, burn myself out a little bit.  I know that what God has Planned for me right now is to be the Youth Leader, but he has also given me gifts that I feel bad not using.  

But of course, that attitude is not helpful.  And this will be my struggle.  I know (or, more likely, have convinced myself) that, in our small church, if I do not do one of my things, either no one will or the Pastor will (because he also suffers from over-commitment).

But alas... I think at some point soon, I will have say no to one of my commitments.  I don't like it.  It will not be easy, and I dread having to decide.

Stalkers, I'd appreciate your help in praying about this.

Speaking of my stalkers! 
This is a picture of my pageview statistics.  They were in the single digits for days and then BAM 24!  I suspect that for the most part (especially the Germany and South Korea numbers) the boost is related to the adds on the YouTube video yesterday.  I also have a tendency to go look at the blog myself (because it's pretty, and new, and I'm paranoid about typos).  But still, hello lovely stalkers!  Even if you are just computers.

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