Once again...

Hmmm... it's seems like Mondays are going to be the day that I feel I should blog in order to not fall out of habit.  (By "seems" I mean that this is the second time... that's enough right?)

Now I just have to decide again WHAT to blog about...

... it's hardest to come up with something when I start with the thought to blog, rather than start with the idea to blog about.  Whodathunkit?

There's also the dilemma of my brain not remembering the "things" that I've added to my mental list of things to blog about...  That's also a problem.

Okay.  This won't be for everyone (because, you know, there are SO many of you, right?), but it's all that's floating around in my head right now.  If you aren't interested, I don't mind, just ignore this post.

NERD SONGS!!!!  I was listening to these at work today.

(I apologize for the fact that all of the YouTube videos I've shown have been of Hank Green, I will try to mix it up here, but most of them are still him... Sorry.)

One of Hank's first YouTube songs. (right before the last Harry Potter book came out, if you care...)

Note:  He's not a Christian... this song is cute, but not entirely (or at all) biblical.  Some point to it though... if you think about it.  I MOSTLY just think it's catchy.

Hurray for Vi Hart!  If you haven't already, go watch her "doodling in math class" series. Now! (or later...)

PUNS!!!!  I love puns.

Not Hank! Yay!

When he gets to the part where he's talking about "mysteries in which we dwell", I always want to go, "Not that big a mystery, Hank... it's called intelligent design."

I wouldn't find this one so funny if I hadn't watched My Little Pony with my nieces, but as it is, this is one of the only songs of Hank's that I have actually downloaded!

Wow.  If you're still with me, you should get a sticker or something!  You are like a Gold Level Stalker!  You're my favorite :)  Don't tell the others, they'll be jealous.  Toodles!

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