Nerdiness (Nerdyness?)

I'm kind of addicted to YouTube at the moment in the most nerdy of ways.

Of my 29 Subscriptions (Gah! 29 Subscriptions),
13 are EduTubes (Basically educational videos, which sounds lame and boring, but SO IS NOT!)
7 are basic Vlogs (Including Vlogbrothers, which is part of the reason I'm addicted to Youtube.  See an example below, but be warned... it starts with one video and then BAM 29 Subscriptions.)
4 are web series (Why is the plural of series "series"?!)
2 are Let's Play channels (Which is a crossover from my "real life"...  I like to watch OTHER people play video games.)
1 is an a capella group (5 voices, full sound, 1 adorably deep-voiced bass vocalist *sigh*)
1 is some guys who play piano and cello (and are awesome!)
and 1 is just a cat (Maru should never be described as "just a cat".  Shame on me.)

Yep. *looks at list* I have a problem.

There was a time (not so very long ago) when I looked at my list of priorities and compared it to a pie chart of what I spent my time on... and well, it wasn't pretty.  Things like time with God, time with family, time with/preparing for Youth, and time spent on everyday responsibilities had just slivers of the pie chart even though they were clearly top of my priority list.

I've been intentionally working on this over the past handful of months.  Some of my priorities seemed more vital at the end of August, when suddenly, I was preparing to be the sole Youth Leader.  I really had to be critical of my pie chart, because I couldn't afford to slack off anymore.  I got consistent with God fast and found that it was much easier than I ever thought it could be to stay that way (turns out I had a great many useless excuses...).  There were other things that I changed (for other blog posts), but that's the big one obviously.

And I can only be thankful.  God knows.  I needed the threat (so to speak) of "responsibility" to necessitate my no-excuses-allowed consistency with Him.  My own desire for it took over at some point in early September, but I needed the kick in the pants to get me over the initial hump.

// Ephesians 3:20 NLT // Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. //

And now, nerd jokes.  Remember my warning.



  1. That video was utterly pleasant to me! Dangerously so if you are right, which you normally are. I'm at risk of being addicted to 29 subscriptions... and 1 blog: Yours!!!

  2. :D Thanks sister! P.S. Not to encourage you to become addicted or anything, but there are several other nerd jokes videos on the vlogbrothers channel that I can assure you will be just as pleasant!