30 Days of Blogging - Day 26: 3D

Heyo! It's late (early), I'm tired and happy, and (hopefully) this will be a quick blog post. Hard to believe that there are only 4 more days!

Tonight I went to the theater and saw a movie in 3D.

Side note: I should not go to exciting movies so late at night. I'm sure I drove several tired friends nuts with my overflowing nerdy excitement. Oops.

Aaanyway, what I want to talk about is 3D. Specifically my dislike of 3D.

Don't get me wrong, I love the promise and potential of 3D movies!

The problem is just that they really aren't worth it to me.

Reason one: I'm already wearing glasses, 2 pairs of glasses on one nose is 1 pair too many.

Reason two: Not to mention that somehow when wearing my glasses and the 3D glasses the 3D doesn't get processed by my brain correctly and I can see double most of the movie.

Reason three: So wear contacts! No. I did wear contacts tonight, which admittedly is a better viewing experience, but contacts are a whole mixed bag of annoying for me. Took me nearly 20 minutes to put them in, because of my astigmatism (my eye is basically pointy) the contacts slip around the whole time, the prescription isn't quite right because I can either get the right prescription at the wrong price or right price with slightly wrong prescription, and they give me a headache.

Reason four: 3D just plain looks wrong to me. Maybe it's just my weirdness, but the picture looks more fake than if I was watching it in 2D.

Reason five: 3D is more expensive. And considering the reasons already mentioned, the cost just isn't worth it too me. Why am I paying more to have a less enjoyable experience?

So, long story short, I would simply RATHER see a movie in 2D.

So why do I do it? The problem comes in when my friends want 3D. Movie watching to me is a social thing; I'm not one of those people who enjoys going to movies solo.

So I do it happily, but I regret it later.

Especially when later I have to stare at a screen to write a blog post even though I have a headache and I'm still disoriented from switching between prescriptions.

But I'm still happy. It was a really good movie. And I'm glad I have nerdy friends.


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