30 Days of Blogging - Day 9: Plastic Spoons

Am I the only one who think plastic spoons are designed really dumb?

Like the ones that you can get everywhere; molded plastic, stupidly shaped, rough-edged-cut-your-lip pieces of junk!

No other plastic utensil is that poorly designed, why is the spoon so dumb?

Forks have perfectly, smoothly molded tines (though admittedly, occasionally too dull for actual food-stabbage), why are there so few smooth edged spoons?

And the shape! Whose idea was it to design them so that you are forced to cut your lip to use them?

It's dumb. And so is this rant. And so are my useless lip wounds just because I wanted to enjoy some Tim Horton's chilli.

:) silly rant over.  Goodnight!


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