30 Days of Blogging - Day 5: AFOMFT, TV Shows

In today's episode of A Few Of My Favorite Things... TV SHOWS!!

Specifically, currently airing TV shows that I am keeping up to date on.

Honorable mentions:
- Agent Carter (Because it's not currently having new episodes, but it better be getting them eventually! And you had better bet I will watch them as soon as they do!)
- Agents of Shield (I'm behind because I was so sad Agent Carter was done.)
- Sherlock (As soon as it's back, imma be allll over that. Duh.)
- The Musketeers (It flits on and off my radar every couple of weeks, but is currently off of it,)

Shows I sometimes wish I was keeping up to date on again, but haven't watched for a while:
- Castle
- The Walking Dead
- Perception
- Murdoch Mysteries

But back to the real list... in no particular order:
- Survivor
- Arrow
- Flash
- Bones
- The Big Bang Theory

And finally, some of (because I can't think of them all, and some are probably best left with my younger perspective of them) the shows that aren't current, but if they were, I would probably watch at least the first episode:
- Friends, House, Gilmore Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Chuck, 7th Heaven, The Mole, ER, Joan of Arcadia, and definitely more, but I'm tired of scrolling through the internet in order to remember them.

Goodness, TV is a bit of a life sucker isn't it...

On that happy note, goodnight :)

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