30 Days of Blogging - Day 3: AFOMFT, Driving

Say hello to my new type of post:
A Few Of My Favorite Things

Today's Episode: Driving

I love, love, love driving!

I love short drives, and road trips, and taking the long way on purpose!

I love driving standard and feeling the car attached to my feet!

But even more than just driving (okay, not more, but very close to the same, which is to say, a LOT) I love the things that happen in the car.

Some of the best conversations I've ever had have happened in the car. Seriously, I love in the car talks.

Music sounds different. And I usually like the things that stand out differently in the car. (Not to mention I am unashamedly a belt-it-out-in-the-car singer which probably helps.)

The camaraderie of road trips, and travel buddies, and the car filled with everything but the kitchen sink and feeling so cozy until you get out and realize how tightly you were packed in, then feeling so weird when you re-enter until a couple kilometers down the road when you've finally settled back in. (Lather, rinse, repeat at every stop.) (Just me?)

I also really enjoy watching vlogs where the person is just talking in the car. I don't know why I like it so much, but I do. Almost enough that maybe someday I'll try it. Who knows?

But mostly I really love being behind the wheel. I'm savoring this joy of my singledom and the liberty it gives of allowing me to always (or at least, frequently) be the driver. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll find a guy who doesn't mind taking turns ;)

But now it's certainly bedtime and I must go dream of road trips with a vague manshape. Will he be in the passenger seat sometimes? We'll see :D

Goodnight, Lovelies!


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