30 Days of Blogging - Day 13: Never Have I Ever

Whew! Today was a long and busy one; full of good things, but even good things can be tiring.

I'm so tapped out that today I'm going to turn to google to give me a blog prompt.

*googles blogging challenge prompts*

Hmmm.... "What's one thing you've never done that most people have?"

Sure, why not.

I've never been on a date.


Is this sad? Possibly.
Is it bad? I don't think so.

It just hasn't been.

The last time I was even asked out it was to the school dance and I was 11 and they (yes THEY) were 12. The two boys asked me at the same time while our grade 5/6 split class was walking to the school library. I thought they were waaaay too old for me and that I was waaaay too young to be dating.  I said no.

Gosh has it really been nearly 14 years?

I can easily say that a year hasn't gone by since then that I haven't wanted to go on a date.  But at the same time, looking back, I'm glad I didn't have the opportunity.  Well, maybe glad is the wrong word, but I feel a strange sort of gratefulness that I didn't have to deal with the complications of relationships before I had an understanding of emotions, and communication, and trust, and my value, and how to give grace, and basically just how complicated it can all be.

I feel like I have a decent grasp on it all now, but not a year has gone by since that fateful trip to the library that I haven't looked back and seen yet another thing that I have learned that will equip me for later.

But, you know, anytime now would be great; I can continue to learn in the field and figure it out as I go, I'm sure! :)



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