30 Days of Blogging - Day 12: I'm Weird, Episode 2

Et voila! We have arrived at Day 12!

Why is that exciting?  I have no idea, but here we are so lets enjoy ourselves!

On this grand(ish) occasion, I present to you...

3 [More] Ways That Emmi is Weird
(still, not even close to a comprehensive list)

1.  When I wear headphones, I play with the cord in my mouth
Gross, I know.  I don't MEAN to do it!  And when I notice I (usually) remove it.  And I don't like chew on it or anything!  I just wrap it around one of my canines and let it hang out there.  Why am I even telling you this?  Seriously, I'm an odd duck folks.

2.  I won't turn down your Facebook request, I will just let you hang out in limbo forever.
Sorry.  (This doesn't actually apply to anyone reading my blog, probably.)  Somehow it feels less permanent and insulting (even though they probably won't know) to just not do anything.  I'm kinda picky about the people that I'm friends with on Facebook.  So, yeah, I have 12 friend requests pending (presumably) forever. Hey! One of them is my Uncle! ...oops.

3.  When I'm bored (and even sometimes when I'm not), I put things on my head
Again, without thinking! Especially if it is box shaped, but I really will do it with most anything.  Am I holding a roll of tape?  On my head it goes.  Do I have a book in my hands?  Up on the head!  Have I just emptied a laundry basket or a fruit box?  You guessed it, it's up there.  This has become so commonplace that my family doesn't even notice it anymore.  A while ago, I had a whole conversation with my mom while I had an empty laundry basket on my head AND SHE WASN'T EVEN PHASED!

I keep telling people!  I'm weird; we all just need to accept it and move on :)  Everyone ends happy.

Byebye for now!

Edited on Day 21:
I just now had the thought to update this, but only after I had been sitting here talking to my dad for several minutes with a cucumber box on my head. Why is it on my head? Because it was empty and just sitting on the table between us. I saved it from it's loneliness, so I ask you instead, why not?

Yes, of course, I took a picture.  Yes, my eyes are slightly cross-eyed and my face is ridiculous.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a selfie while balancing a wide box on your head?  It is quite difficult.

I could have tried again (and gotten a better result, preferably in landscape form), but my dad was making fun of me and I had already interrupted our conversation (that was progressing just fine while I had a box on my head) to take a picture so I though it was wise to just leave it at this.

In case you were wondering, yes, I continued to wear it for quite some time :)

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