30 Days of Blogging - Day 10: Semicolon

I'm a big fan of the semicolon, but today I saw it used in a whole new and exciting way.

(No, this is not a boring language post.)

(I'm sorry if you got excited thinking this was going to be an awesome language post.)

This morning on Facebook, a friend who has struggled with depression linked to this:

Which I immediately fell in love with.  I realize that it's primarily intended as an anti-suicide thing, but the nerd in me appreciates the fact that a semicolon isn't always just a choice to not end; it's also to connect.  And in doing so, bring more understanding of how to perceive both sides.

I'm not currently depressed, nor was I ever diagnosed with anything, but I don't think anyone is spared from sadness, or loss, or loneliness, or heartbreak, or worry, etc.

We all need the reminder that the darkness is not going to last forever; it doesn't even have to last til the end of the sentence, and understanding the hard times is easier when you consider the good also. Whether that's the good that may come, or the knowledge of past hurt OVERcome, or just seeing that there are two sides to the current cookie and you have a choice of which side you choose to focus on.

Throughout the day, the glimpse of this on my wrist reminded me to choose the bright side of whatever situation I found myself in. It was really powerful, actually.

I suspect that I will do it more often than just today. Especially on hard days.

It made such an impact on my headspace that I actually, momentary considered it as a tattoo.  I have always appreciated the concept of having a meaningful tattoo, but I have never seriously considered it to be something I would ever want. Until today. Maybe. The jury is still out.

That's all for today, darlings. Toodles!

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