When a door closes...

Long story, short:  I was not accepted into the GCPT program.

Long story, long:  At least, that is the conclusion I have come to.

It's a fair conclusion, since I didn't get an acceptance letter.

I have to "come" to it only because I missed a critical piece of information on the letter I did receive telling me that my application was being reviewed.  This particular piece was login information to the school's student portal, which would give me access to the status of my application.

I threw out that letter... so... oops.

I'm okay with this though :) for serious.  I prayed that God would close/open that door according to His will, and I am at peace with the closed door.

Long story, extended:  Now I upgrade.

Tricky thing I'm finding about closed doors is that it can mean so many things!

Does it mean "Closed: Open again next year" or "Closed: Try other door" or "Closed: Stop trying this kind of door" (by which I mean this type of program)?

I'm prayerfully trying to sort this out.  At the moment this is what I've got...

-- It's not option 3, I like this area of study and I feel that God has given me the skills and desire to do this as a career, would probably take another rejection to make me consider this an actual option from Him.

-- I have no idea which of the other two options is right.  At least, not yet.

-- What I do know is that I now have the time to do research into other schools that offer similar programs and maybe try this one again, or maybe find another even better.

-- Minimal research so far has taught me that most of the programs of this nature require at least English and Math as prerequisites, so I will upgrade those as I continue my hunger games of the contending schools.

This I also know... This gives me more time to get my life in order.  Because it isn't. And this reason, above any academic reason, I believe, is why God has closed this door right now.

Just one more thing that lets me know He's got this.  If not for pursuing this door, I would have been just as overcommitted as every other year that I didn't give time to focus on fixing parts of me that have been busted for a while.  By leading me here, God forced me to step back from being so busy.

I don't know for sure what this next couple months holds, but in the midst of all the unknown I have peace.
I'm going to upgrade, seek some inner healing, and make time to conquer the unknowns one at a time.  "Real" adulthood is intimidating, knowing that everything ahead is my responsibility, but thank goodness it would seem God can see the bigger picture.

Toodles, my lovelies.  I leave you with a nerd game joke.


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