Do I Tell...

I think this is the post that will push me onto 2 pages, and that's got me thinking.

Me:  Do I tell people that I've started a blog?
Self:  Well, you DID tell those two people that one night at the dinner table...
Me:  Yes, but that was the day after I'd started the blog, and I just HAD to tell somebody.  Plus, computers are tricky for them, I don't even think they've thought looked at it yet.  I'm talking about OTHER people.
Self:  Like... Facebook?
Me:  Essentially... Yes.

(Even though I can carry that conversation really well in my head, it was surprisingly difficult to keep it all straight as I typed it so... that's enough of that!)

I'm facing a bit of a dilemma.

On one hand, I don't really want my blog to never be read by anyone.

On the other hand, I'm terrified that my blog will ever be read by anyone!

You see my dilemma?

I'm still not sure which hand will win out.

Part of my struggle with my decision is HOW to tell people.  I don't really think that telling everyone on Facebook is the way that I want to go.  I have been, and intend to be, very honest about my life, and that route just feels a little too over-exposed.  Though, there are a lot of people there who I feel would make very good, supportive stalkers.  I want to be able to tell all of THEM without having to hand pick who they will be.

Hmmm... maybe this is too much to think on at TWO in the morning.  I'll sleep on it.

THAT reminds me of THIS.
(Note: If you are sensitive to scientists who talk about evolution, be prepared to cover your ears for 5:31-5:39.  Also, I apologize for the weirdness that is 5:44-6:06.  BUT the science and everything that is not related to a sex joke is, I think at least, kind of fascinating.)

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