Carnegie Hall!!

Well, I could have saved myself some time with yesterday's post if I'd have only remembered that THIS was happening.  Awesome people doing awesome things at (aaaaaaahhhh!) Carnegie Hall!!! (stompstomp)

If you have two and a half hours to spare, grab some popcorn or something and enjoy the show.
(You can skip all the way to 35:10 right away...)
(Also, sorry for Kimya's language.  I mostly just like the John and Hank related stuff.)

Goodnight Lovelies!

P.S.  Hello new stalkers :)  Sorry to overwhelm you with the nerd factor lately!  I'll probably post about something that ISN'T YouTube related tomorrow morning.

P.P.S  I am open to you being less "stalker" and more "friend", ya know, if you are.  Not that I'll judge you if you stay hidden, goodness knows that I have never revealed my presence on others' blogs!  But if you're feeling brave, leave a comment, I'd love to start a discussions and/or whatnot.

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